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A Link to the Past
2003-11-23 12:30 a.m.

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Yes, I have sold my soul. So sue me.

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Diary/Song Association --System of a Down - Innervision (sweeeeet....)
I really like your voice. You say in one entry that you have bad grammar and spelling since your original language was japanese, but I didn't notice too many mistakes. Either you were selling yourself short - everybody does it, but you wouldn't like me to say that, would you? - or you know how to use a dictionary.

Grunge Reviews --3 Guitars
But yeah, I love the mysteriousity of yout layout, and from what I read of your diary, I think it suits you really well. It kinda reminds me of Donnie Darko, something spooky like that.

Opal --71/100
A nice, casual diary that has a lot of emotions, but lacks some clarity.

Dead God Reviews ---My Personal Review Site 99/100
You're like me in a way, searching for something you can't seem to find- although you have an idea what it is. Missing childhood innocence, yearning to feel at peace. A torrent of emotion, and drama (heh, maybe we are just drama queens), fills your diary and I love it! Thanks, Dakini.

One Dark Review --89/100
I am so goddamned confused. I'm not in the anime crowd. I just hang out with them. None of them are as fucked up as you.

Acid Reviews

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Crash + Burn --79/100
Your feelings are poured into every entry, which is good. What?s not good is I have no clue what you?re talking about (though I know it?s mostly on purpose).

Bondage Bear --130/155
I think the way you casually discuss your relationship without actually saying it in, for lack of better term, *child speak* is ingenious.

Tainted Views --88/100
You like to be a mystery to all, and that's fine. I like the way you write (most of the time), even though I feel that you have a need to be really obscure even when the thing that you're saying is actually simple.

My Reviews --1/5
Your diary annoyed me. Let's just get that out of the way, shall we? I didn't enjoy the entries... The only one that wasn't a big blob of "Hey, I'm intelligent and write things that nobody can interpret but me" kind of deals...didn't even appeal to me much either.

Alone Reviews --5/6
You are a great writer. The words you use are sometimes just like magic. You capture me in your words and the way you describe things. But it's all too dark for me. Too depressing for me to catch completely. Too joyless for me to understand fully. And that's too bad, because you truly are a fantastic writer. But it's all just too heavy for me to get into, the long entries and the bitter aftertaste of them all.

Diary Nazi --79/100
You have this bizarre style of writing. I can't decide if you're a robotwith no feelings whatsoever, or a lovesick teenaged girl. Either way, I've developed a certain fondness for you. The only thing that bothers me about your writing is that it's all centered around Kira. I know you love him, and he's the only person in the world you've ever been attracted to, and you're life partners, and yadda yadda yadda, but you've got more in you than that. You've got ideas and thoughts about the world [even if most of them ARE less than... what's the word? Pleasant.] and I want to hear them. I know, I know, it's YOUR diary for YOU, but you asked for a review so I'm giving you one. And stop being so motherfucking angsty. There's more to life thatn razorblades and trenchcoats. Like daffodils. Daffodils are nice.

Iced Milk --80/100
I love reading words that are so descriptive in only letters. Words that no one ever uses. Reading through, I feel like if I ever had to meet you, as to share a math class or something, that I'd have to prove myself to you. You seem like you'd be one of the people who would sit in the back of the class silently, and if anyone ever talked to you that wasn't closely acquainted with you, you'd just raise your eyebrow and tune them out.

Delirium --98/100 ^_^
Well, no, that's what happens when you obsessively love someone, when you don't have enough of an identity so you awnt to steal theirs. Though I'm sure there are much better books on the subject, "In the Lake of the Woods" reflects that idea quite well. But it's about a guy driven insane by his experience in Vietnam. What's your Vietnam? Hmmm.

Too Much Reviews

Double H Reviews

Jesus Fucking Christ Reviews --Pending

Orion Reviews --Pending

Red On Black Reviews --Pending

Unique Reviews --Pending

Sandpaper Reviews --Pending

Momma Reviews --Pending

Vacent Reviews --Pending

Dark Infliction --Pending

Bob's Reviews --Pending

Rainy London Reviews --75/100
Though I have noticed you pour your heart and thoughts and even feelings and fear into most to every entry. I admire that kind of writing, but really. You sound paranoid and deathly sometimes. It gets sort of scary.

Rachel Reviews--80/100
Overall, your entries made me think a little. Some of them were basic daylogs, others were emotional, others were funny, others didn't make sense at all. But, as I said, this is just overall. Your diary shows you.

Loser Reviews --192/220
Props to you and the emotion you can show. I really did feel like you were writing for yourself, but at the same time, a whole universal audience. You're a very stylish, artistic writer, and on top of that--wether you believe it or not--You can also draw quite well.

SNJ Reviews --89/100
Magnificent. Totally consistent. Very deep entries. Not poetry, but poetic. (if that makes any sense) Your personality doesn't change from day to day, and neither does your writing. I enjoy that. Very creative, and thoughtful writing, and perfect spelling and grammar to boot! I love you. Seriously, marry me?

Bad Artist Reviews --71/100
Your entires are full of metaphors. This both adds to your writing and takes away from it. At times the metaphors and imagery you use work to add color and emotion to your words. At other times, however, what you write and cliche and even meaningless. It seems that sometimes you're more concerned making things sound good than you are expressing anything.

Diary Reviews --87/100
But, as for the rest of your writing, as twisted and random and ranting as it is, there's an element in there that I relate to. Something about it was interesting, though I can't actually put my finger on what. Some of the lines, the metaphors, you use are just wonderful. Your writing shows real promise. Heck, some of that promise is already coming out.

Too Pretty --134/150
It's got that silent geek wrtten all over it. BUT it's good because that means you're intelligent WITH taste. I absolutely love the brain hanging there... really, it's so unique in every way. The simplicity of your layout allows the reader to appreciate your entries.

Abuse Reviews --79/100 Hall of Fame
You are defintitely one of the better writers out there, and I have no problem saying it right off the bat. Before I even started reading you I thought your entries were long, but as soon as I dove into the first one the length didn't turn me off in the least. I was captivated by what you were writing, but also by how you wrote. Your entries are all so beautifully pieced together. You are obviously intelligent and put a lot of thought into the words you write, as if you want them to be just so. You absolutely drip with emotion. You had me feeling what you feel.

Teen Review --176/200
After reading only a few entries I could tell that you were one sarcastic, cynical and blunt little fucker...and that's exactly why I think you're unique. You said what you wanted and how you wanted. Most people don't really do that in their diaries [or in real life] and I think it's good that you can express your emotions so openly.

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