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Riddle and Even Angels
2005-02-15 12:33 a.m.

The curtain breathes your shadow. Without the simple disreguard, I can not handle seeing you here again.

Your taunting lips sigh out my name. I simply can't even comprehend why you're here. Let alone again. Those velopusous cureves, as soft and luscious as your lips, press against me. Warm, soft...your small frame makes me break out in a sweat. I couldn't even choke out my desperate need for comfort thru raspy whispers. The tip of your tongue dances lightly across my throat, and the silent kisses make my stomach drop. Ignoring the light is all I can do to forget what this all means. I do my best to pull you closer to me, but it's all superficial. Because it means everything to me, and nothing to you.

And the stale air mocks everything I feel. Because I can still smell your sweat here. I can picture what your silents screams would sound like. Your gone, and your not thinking about me. I'm just a fool, because your the girl of my dreams, and I'm just a whore to you.

This bed is a tomb.

+==Destroy Once Done==+